Monday, December 14, 2009

Life's Short; Call Now -OR- gnaw, gnaw, gnaw

You say you're unhappy.
You blame it on me.
I can't make you happy.
You don't listen to me.

I'm gonna take two Damnitalls and contemplate the meaning of life.

Elsewhere around the village, tonight is a HUGE extravaganza of important meetings for bodies that meet to conduct our business. All the messy-yellow-build-up of 2009 has been agendized, bound, slotted and tabbed for disposition. This is the tempus fuggit, all-in, procrastination nation witching time when bodies deal with all manner of alchemy to achieve the changing of the calendar.

It will be easy. They'll just do a bad job.

Locally, our high school board's packet runs 448 pages. Minus the filler, I counted at least 70 opportunities for them to make costly mistakes, set inane policy, announce unreachable goals and further frustrate any hope of redemption for it's dismally failed institution. One final desperate attempt to find enough bits of string and bubblegum to maintain its stranglehold on our future. Perhaps even a new five-year plan to replace the previous dozen failed five-year plans that cemented the district's repellent nature. Tonight will be the codification of hope dying eternal.

Tough day to feel optimistic about much of anything, but bizarrely thankful that it's not MY kids whose lives will be diminished; except in the abstract. Today represents a numbing feeling of symbolic impotence that blots out the sun. A day when we will be blamed again for not drinking the district's kool-aid. The day when "Good Enough" will not be near good enough, but perpetuation will have been assured.

In related news, the district's annual holiday party season has officially begun.

"Oh how can you be in two places at once, when you're not anywhere at all?"

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