Monday, December 28, 2009

It's Not THAT the Wind is a'Blowin' -OR- Chill Factors

We are experiencing severe upper-level turbulence. It's easy to become transfixed by the special effects until you too think you are being jostled and tossed. The physical manifestations feel absolutely real to you, but if you think about it, you are actually safe and sound. You can detach from the experience, walk around it, examine it and realize that it is not real to you. You are not personally hurtling into the abyss.

Make no mistake, there are people whose lives are squarely in the vortex, but you're no help to them if you are panicky for no reason. Angry that people you know are impacted, sure. That's a natural. But be practical. Try to be reasonable. When the teevee machine is beaming a constant stream of ugly, disturbing images directly into your cortex, turn the damn thing off. See? It all goes away. Get a grip by letting go. Stop following the herd. They don't have a clue what's happening either.

There are plenty of real world things you can do that will lessen the unnecessary and unhelpful ripple effects of this catasrophe. The first and most important of which is to accept that despite all the smoke and mirror fear and panic that's being pumped into our lives, it is JUST smoke and mirrors. Stand your ground, raise your voice and give this bullshit the defiant middle finger it deserves.

Bottom up. Render the top irrelevant. They are superfluous anyway. Their own overblown self-importance has little to nothing to do with you. The shit that is happening to others will keep happening until you stop thinking it's a threat to you.
Despite what the so-called experts and pundits want you to think and believe, it is your own reasoning skills that are direly needed right now. Take an objective look for yourself. Figure it out for yourself. You know the answers. You know you do. You also know that they don't. They never have. When something's needed to be done, you've always done it; not them. This time is no different.

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