Tuesday, December 1, 2009

2-4 2sDay Returns as does Rehctaw!

Answering the pressing question of the nuclear age...
What warped Rehctaw?

Kicking off the holidays with a peek into the formative years and television...


Larue said...

Well now, hoss, welcome back!!!

I'm assuming the first two vids are analogies for ChiTown's messes . . . but hey, I've been wrong before!

The THIRD one is just killin me!!!!

A GRADE school dance party????

I use to have a 45 of New Colony Six, recall the label and their name vividly. But I went a youtubing and can't find a single song that jobs my memory.

They got airplay in SF Bay Area, on AM radio, but dang it if I can't recall a tune to save my life.

Between Syndicate Of Sound and dozen's of others from coast to coast at the time, there were lots sound alikes. But I usually recall a song or two.

With NC6, all I recall is the name . . . sigh.

May I offer this upon your glorious return to da toobz!!!


Rehctaw said...

Thank you kindly.

It's all Chicago TV. On the Sunday evening after Thanksgiving. everybody tuned in to WGN's Family Classics (before WWofD and Bonanza of course)for the start of the Christmas season. After the movie, Frazier Thomas would show Hardrock, Coco and Joe and that made it official. Uber sophisticated savvy urban dwellers of the 60's, we ate it up.

Comparatively H,C&J's production values were off the chart. We watched Diver Dan almost religiously to see what the Baron and Trigger were up to next. It had nothing to do with Minerva's countenance. Honest...

Kiddie-a-go-go was just about the cheesiest show ever, but shows to go ya how some captains of meat-packing kept the little lady happy. "Want your own TV show? I'll buy you one."

New Colony Six, Buckinhams, Cryan Shames, Ides of March, Shadows of Knight, plus tons of cover and garage bands made the music scene the place to be. Every town/neighborhood had a teen venue and kept us blissfully stocked with bands. Good or bad, but never indifferent, we lived large.

It was sad when the law and order/xsters set stomped out live music to save our souls. Fewer venues meant bigger, stranger crowds and random hooliganism. They destroyed the market for passable garage/cover bands.

Then the big venue national tours came along and the marketing dept. took over.

NC6's biggest hit was I Will Always Think About You. Over- produced ballad that was out of character for their sets, but made slow dancing possible.

We both know what that led to.

Tengrain said...

Wow - that was just strange stuff. I'm stunned. I don't think we had anything like that in the Bay Area growing up. Or at least, I dunno that we did.

Do all fish talk like Bella Lugosi?

Watching those little kids make their moves was pretty funny, too.



Rehctaw said...

Oh 10G, of course all fish talk like Bela Lugosi. See he's dead and fish can't talk.

Chicago TV was cutting edge. It's too bad the museum of broadcast communications is so protective of its video collections. The archives there must be seen to be believed.

Local programming at its cheesiest, with brief glimpses of talent destined for the coastal meccas.

I'm just sorry I couldn't find footage from the short-lived "Land of Ziggy Zago".

For another glimpse of wackiness, search youtube for Gigglesnort Hotel.

Oh, BTW, those "kids" were PAID to dance on Kiddie-a-go-go. They were paid in cold cuts from Mulqueens.

OpalHeart said...

Oh! I really don't know what to say.
However, I will say that growing up in The Biggest Little City in the World (Reno, Nevada for the gloriously less enlightened and unknowing) was growing up in the way back machine. At best, Reno was 15 years behind California in all ways. I don't remember very many of the shows, but I do remember some of the commercials by local businesses. The car dealership ones are just sooo baaad it's funny. I'd look but I'd be afraid to find something. Better to leave the incomplete visions in the far recesses of my mind.

Larue said...

Hi Pel! Sacto feels that way, still.