Monday, November 2, 2009

Vacation, Finding Zen -OR- Girding Up

Realizing that I cannot resolve anything when my POV is considered to be a loony-tune fringe, I've decided to do a little more local networking. In other words, I'm gonna party with my Homeys. Purposefully self-selected to start then branching out for new frontiers.

I live in "Small Enough to Fix" for a reason. Outing and ousting our local posers using a model that gets lost in the larger vortices of the national or even the county level seems an achievable goal. So it's back to building blocks for me. One piece, one thinker, one voter at a time.

Past has passed. Most locals with the credibility have passed on, given up, have been successfully marginalized or moved out of the frustration zone. Someone has to provide the bridge.

In keeping with my Blogmother Blue Gal's November Challenge and me being the contrarian that I am, this should all dovetail nicely.

The absence of DAILY postings here for one month will give me time to foment in my meat world. Events will dictate my activites, but once-a-week is where I've placed the bar. I might even have accomplishments to describe in detail.

Enjoy the respite. I fully intend to make it worth the time...

for now.

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Larue said...

Good luck hoss, kick ass and take names!