Thursday, December 3, 2009

Don't PANIC! -OR- You Must Have Hyperspace Bypasses

Public discourse? All sides fairly represented and let the best ideas win?
Public discourse? Let just any twit have his or her say?
Sure, if you want to accomplish nothing except tension headaches, frustration and the occasional, random, ceremonial choking of the occasional, random, ceremonial moron or two. But alas, morons are cheap and plentiful so the public discourse veers, inevitably, widely, off task.

Well okay, it's impractical to have all sides represented, but how practical is it to let only the morons debate using their kitchen sink strategies, so's your momma rejoinders and the nuclear option? The spectacle is barely coherent, rarely productive and hardly tolerable to witness.

It shouldn't surprise anyone when the end result improves nothing, fixes nothing, addresses nothing... because when you break it down, nothing was the point of the exercise. In that sense, all the participants can exit the field of battle and declare victory.

So why is it that all of this nothing costs so much more today than it did before?

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