Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Meat World Demands -OR- Blog Interrupted

Hearth and home, dealing with pissants and posers. This can't be good.

Actually, this time it's not a direct personal affront, confrontation or siege which is a welcome switch. Just fallout from my duties as ringmaster and lead cat-herder on the local coconut telegraph.

Some time back, our local elected decided it'd be great to dabble in speculative real estate under the guise of community building. What could possibly go wrong under that scenario eh? The list of big projects that have gone tits up and the so-called completed projects that have serious settlement issues have cranked up the frustration level to new heights.

At least two "developers" have fled the jurisdiction. At least three others are struggling to keep a lid on their disgruntled ground-floor buyers. The county assessor, for whatever reason, assessed new property here as if it were somewhere along Chicago's Magnificent Mile, but thanks to the delay in delivery of the second installment bill, that eruption has been put off until a still unknown date.
The anticipatory zeal and anger blaze that accompanied the FIRST installment gets another month or so to ripen, fester and cook down.

The town's building department has imploded in wake of accusations of heavy-handedness and general uneven sloppiness.

Yeeeiiiiiiiiiii Haaaaaaah! Ride `em plowboy! Yippee-ki-yay, motherfucker!

What a festering pustule. If'n you're keeping score, the winner?


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