Friday, October 30, 2009

Day Follows Night -OR- Potshots?

Opposite World spokesmodels frequently stretch anecdotes, like Silly Putty, to extreme absurdity. Just as kids used the putty creatively, to lift an image out of the funny papers, then twisting and contorting it providing hours of fun? Now comes Lou Dobbs, claiming that somebody pulled a drive-by of his property.

According to his wiki page, "Dobbs resides on a 300-acre horse farm in Sussex County, New Jersey". Per the Suckus County Chamber of Commerce; "Sussex County is located at the top of northwestern New Jersey and is one of New Jersey’s most pristine rural areas." Lou Dobbs RESIDES. IN and ON. HUNTING. GROUNDS. It is HUNTING SEASON. Maybe not officially, but from my experience in RURAL. Hunting season extends from Jan 1 until December 31 for FOOD.

Given the economic bliss we currently enjoy, thanks in no small part to Mr. Dobbs' vigorous cheerleading, I find it far more likely that Ol' Jed was just shootin' at some FOOD, than a car full of bangers from the Tri-state Barrios went looking for
Mr. Dobbs to make a statement.

From the "Ol' Jed" point, the material writes itself. "The crude's been bubbling up from Dobb's country estate since he joined CNN in 1980". "Jed was just looking for the biggest turkey he could find for the holidays." andonandon.

But not Dobbs. Oh noes, this was personal. This was a wily and deadly serious assault perpetrated by Geraldo Rivera and his army of illegals. C'mon, connect the dots.

Dobbs does. "It's time that we really awaken to what is happening in this country.
It is ugly, it has to stop, and we have to find the courage to elect congressmen and senators and, yes, presidents who will speak truth, not pander, and not play politically correct games to ensure that truth is the last option."

Do you see the insidious odiousness of Opposite World in these words. It states a truth, but applies it 180° away from where it might do some good. In Opposite World-ese we need some tough love. Survival of the fittest? Translated, it means survival of the privileged. Dobbs' jobs program is to build more jails, hire more head-busting cops to remind the teeming, huddled masses who calls the shots in Dobbs' America. And of course to act as his personal security force should ANYONE dare challenge his bunker-formed viewpoints of what average Americans deal with on a daily basis.

This incident confirms for Dobbsians across this great land, that their hero is right there on the front lines, in the trenches, risking life, soffit and facia for the cause.

Conservatively, Dobbs has proprietary claim on 720 hours every year to promote his O-world view. If you add the ripple effects of others echoing his message and those, like Rivera, who use Dobbs to harvest their own advantages. His silly distractions are what prevents the awakening he demands. That he considers himself worthy of attention from any but the fringe for whom he claims to speak is in itself symptom of his delusions.

The desperation of these on-air opposite world Jacobins is beginning to wear thin.
While it is within the realm of opposite world possibility that an unstable sniper targeted Dobbs at his "pristine rural 300 acres", it's far more likely that a local poacher simply misjudged the range.

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