Sunday, October 4, 2009

Bobbies on Bicycles? -OR- The Number You Have Reached 9-1-1, Has Been Disconnected ...9-1-1

The hits just keep on coming. Putting Chicago's loss of the Olympics in 2016 into perspective comes this snippet from the other end of the state.

Patrol Cars Repossessed

Bank Repossess Sheriff's Patrol Cars

Sheriff David Barkett surrendered five Crown Victoria's emblazoned with the Sheriff's seal to First National Bank in Cairo on Tuesday of this week. The bank won't comment on the cars except to say customers in Illinois have 21 days to try and reclaim them.

Barkett was left with only one county owned vehicle though a volunteer spokesman for the Sheriff says the state has been able to provide a 2004, Ford SUV to the department and he's hoping they'll be able to provide additional cars. And the spokesman says the department will try to figure out if there's a way to get their old patrol cars back. He says they took the lights off the roofs before turning the cars over to the bank.

Sheriff Barkett recently laid off 11 employees, three quarters of his workforce, because of budget problems.

It should be noted with requisite irony that Alexander County is in the 12th Congressional District represented by Jerry Costello (D). Costello was rumored to be considered for appointment as Transportation Secretary prior to Ray LaHood's (R) selection.

The miracles of Reaganomics continue...


Utah Savage said...

And despite getting millions or billions in bailout money those banking bastards are as heartless as ever.

Utah Savage said...

I should have scrawled down to the cussometer as I would then have been free to call the bankers what they really are, bloodsucking bastards. Those fuckwads have no heart at all.