Sunday, September 27, 2009

I Don't Know What To Make of IT -OR- Johnny Olsen, Tell Me What I DON'T get!

At risk of reminding readers of the Poet Laureate of Opposite World, Don Rumsfeld when he spoke of the unknown....

The position of unknowing is, by far, the most empowering place to be. When you don't know, the possibilities are boundless. As you begin most any journey, to find out what you don't know, you are immediately assailed by past, present and future. This can mark the beginning or the end. You get to make choices. You can accept or reject, challenge or interpret, adopt or foster, dispel or perpetuate, assimilate, adapt or revise anything you encounter. You're rarely alone, even when you're by yourself. Others have made the same journey before you and others will surely make the same trip after you've moved on.

WHY? WHY! Eureka! If you make the effort to LEARN, you'll LEARN.

I realized that most of yesterday's Heinlein quotes concerned knowing. What you know, how you know it, WHY you know what you know and most importantly why you must always, stridently question what it is you know.

There's a flurry blizzard of interesting permutations of the recent Defund ACORN Act (HR 3571) that make it likely that we're about to see a significant drop in "official" outrage over ACORN. By trying to seize onto the hot iron, John Bohner inadvertantly grabbed the glowing end. (Which may help to explain his unnatural pigmentation? He's obviously been standing too close to some sort of emanation. I had assumed it was just an overspray of watered down bullshit...)

As written, if it had become yet another kneejerk law, it would have weaponized broad-brush rhetoric beyond its current lethal level. Clearly, neither Bohner nor any of the 159 Repuglican co-sponsors thought it through. They thought they knew and as usual were certain of their rightness. A certitude of rectitude that made their absolute resolve obvious.

As this farce plays out and is somehow blamed on DFHs. Forgive me for snickering.

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