Monday, September 21, 2009

Hope for Congresscritters -OR- But Will They Ever Be Able To Cooperate Again?


Temple Of Rats

I'm as entertained as the next guy by the antics and actions of important people doing their important "works". The measure of their production value is clearly the measure of any future expectations anyone can have.

Their hysterical paralysis might even be the height of theater if their inaction and intractability wasn't sucking down and squandering resources better utilized toward some kind of FORWARD motion.

Meanwhile back in the meat world, living and dying without fanfare, red carpets or self-congratulatory hoopla circle jerking continues. Watching it's prospects and purpose eroding steadily day by day.

My wholly unscientific, largely fabricated polling indicates that a full 75% of thought by thinking people in the geographic anomaly referred to as the United States of America secretly wish for a freakish singularity that simply wipes out the over-population of self-important blowholes whose main talent is time-wasting, money guzzling, blowholiness.

Flurries of activity cannot be confused with actual actions. So when blowholes rear up from their animated comas to pepper the BackAss Health Care bill with amendments and glitter glue and when the media responds predictably and wingnut heads are exploding in glorious high-def, a quick glance at the bottom line causes vertigo.

If you can't dazzle `em with brilliance...

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