Monday, August 31, 2009

What We Have Heer Is A Failure To UNDERSTAND -OR- The REALITY GAP

After spending some quality time in Palin's Real Amurica, what is clear to me is the glitches in our programming (and there should be no doubt that we've been systematically programmed how to think and talk about stuff) have to be overwritten.
The clusters containing faux information and corrupted data continue to impact the processes; contaminating the results.

Our current health care circular arguments are reflective of our computer experiences. MSoft's Internet Exploder is still the number 1 web browser. Despite its recurrent, well-documented glitches, security chasms, logic gaps, general vulnerability and the huge bulls-eye for hackers and other evil doers, 80% of the surfing public uses IE oblivious to the risks, dangers and problems. They don't want to use anything else even if their obliviousness puts themselves and others in harm's way. Why? Because it works for them.Because they would have to change their HABITS. Unlearn what they've already learned, what they are uncomfortably comfortable with because they haven't been stricken with any of the maladies. YET.

Even if the learning curve isn't difficult, even if the alternative browsers are better, even if they would help rid the realm of MOST of its parasites, they'll keep using their MS provided carrier and think things will miraculously heal themselves at some point.

Then there are the Apple Folks who laugh at PCers and their worries. They scoff at the difficulties in the belief that their "superior" product removes them from concerns. They stand with the Unix propeller heads, smugly confident that the bad stuff just happens to the unworthy.

If you don't see the parallels, I apologize. I was told we don't need to reinvent the wheel. I was told that is surely doesn't require 1200 pages of words to fix what's wrong. I was told this by people who've obviously never viewed computer code.
They just want to surf. Let somebody else deal with the problems.

We are not intel.

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