Monday, August 17, 2009

Ugly Baby Syndrome -OR- Change NOW!

Oh those first days of life. How precious, how euphoric, how warm and fuzzy in hindsight. We forget the projectile burping, the sleepless nights, the chronic crying, pointless fussiness, the diaper blowouts and the surprising drain on energy, resources, time...

But enough about Glen Beck and his movement of mouth-breathers.

Survival instinct is strong. Every parent has agonized the stress of growth from mewling, demanding blob to something resembling presentable. How many parental tag teams have said to each other, "I swear, if Junior does that one more time, I'm gonna SNAP!" and miraculously, Junior changes; evolves, finding new ways to find your last nerve.

The baby's awake. Oh, Shit! Here we go again.

Taking the optimistic view, by the time they go to school, they'll be potty trained.

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