Monday, August 10, 2009

A solid week of Twofers?

You can call it dog days, you can call it lazy daze... or you can surmise that I'm just fuckin' burnt out following the minutiae of full-blown batshit crazy that has set in. It's like a F5 honkin' front of stoopid has settled in. The isobar patterns predict it will remain stationary creating violent vortexes of extremely dangerous and unhinged blow-holiness taking classic shapes and forms.

The four horsemen of the political Colosseum; Crazy, Arrogant, Lying Bastard and Stoopid are afoot. Their berzerker shock troops, marching and shouting against their own self-interest and perhaps their very survival are blinded by hallucinogenics?
Unwitting canon fodder for whom their manipulators give not a shit?
It's been so long since they've encountered anything non-artificial that they can't help themselves?

It's not as though the FUBAR'd economy, decimated housing market, double-digit unemployment, panic peddling and grotesquely diminished future prospects are not reason to be marching and shouting, but perhaps the finger-pointing shills who are RESPONSIBLE for 99.9% of the present clusterfuck are NOT the ones to look to for leadership and solutions?

So, in my own way, for my own sanity, I'm doing what we should all be doing. I'm calling a fucking time-out.

Let's go out to the lobby, find some lobbyists and deservedly ridicule them back under their rocks.

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