Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Let the 2-4s Roll On -OR- Variations on a Theme

Seriously, I'm distracted by the distractors. It's a ploy. They know the MSM will cover them. They know the bloggers will rant about them. They win.

Granted, they refuse to be ignored. But couldn't we make them work a little harder and perhaps a little more honestly on their cursade?(sic)

We should retain and remember what it has been like to be ignored for...ever? It's not pleasant, but it tends to consolidate and clarify one's argument. They haven't reconsidered or regrouped, they're still pushing the totalitarian, authoritarian absolutism of their POV. They need to be reminded constantly of why we're in the clusterfuck we're in. It's because they demanded power, lied, cheated and stole to attain it and then abused it. Their ways did NOT work. So STFU!

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