Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Women, Children & Diffabled FIRST -OR- Just Another Day in Illinois

Adopting a time-honored fictional precedent, the kids are being assembled to shield lawmakers from having to make HONEST choices rather than politically expedient ones.

That minor blowhole politico I mentioned on Monday got a rude awakening this morning.
Regional Supt. Office/Home raided

"Investigators from the Cook County state's attorney's office have closed the Suburban Cook County Regional Office of Education in Westchester this morning to perform an audit and execute a search warrant in connection with an ongoing investigation into Supt. Charles Flowers.

Neighbors report officers also were at Flowers' home in nearby Maywood early this morning and left with boxes."

The apparent trigger for the raid was a June 30th deadline to repay $190,000 Flowers "borrowed" from the county last year. Why else would the Crook County State's Attorney be concerned with a minor parasite like Dr. Flowers? It certainly wasn't concern for how the public's tax dollars were being managed. The Regional Supt. office is another of those below the radar bureaucracies that couldn't withstand a cost/benefit analysis. Quietly accepting their slice of the tax pie without actually affecting anything noticeable.

Meanwhile, the legislature in Springfield is still clueless how to come up with substantial cuts/increased taxes to fund the ongoing Ponzi scheme (aka State of Illinois) prompting our -unelected- Governor, whose pedigree does NOT include IOUs to or from any of the players, to announce doomsday plans to fold up operations in lieu of a sane budget bill.

All over the state, treasure hunts are underway to maintain the status quo. Most include bizarre allusions to the stimulus funds pouring out of Washington that will postpone need to make rational adjustments to the lifestyles of the politicians or the cronies they enrich.

Political Darwinism is emerging. The Big are sacrificing the slow and weak to sustain the all-important core of importance. That core is defined and determined by the core of important bureaucrats.

In event of a stalemate, the women, children and anyone with actual NEEDS will be scuttled first to maintain the shovel-ready monies required to prop up the illusions of power held by the self-important.

There will directed cuts aimed at maximizing the media exposure and public outrage. Diverting any attention from the countless boondoggles that provide no ascertainable public benefit like the Office of Regional Superintendent of Schools, the Special Projects Project, the committee to sample the finest cuisine on the taxpayers' dollars and the rest of the payrolled with PEOPLE SKILLS.

Avoiding at all costs the obvious question:

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