Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Uptight Upright Brigade -OR- Not Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood

Thinking is about as maneuverable as a utility pole. When you spend ALL of your time trying to steer people and their thinking toward a specific. desired. outcome, you really haven't considered things well or clearly. One's options MUST be left open because there is absolutely nothing worse than running out of options. On a macro level, when your course is LOCKED in and you're trying to herd 300 million people through that needle's eye, it's gonna get messy.

I would have thought that at some point on our way to the present clusterfuck it would have dawned on a sufficient number of thinkers, while being marched in formation toward a meat grinder, that breaking ranks before reaching the swirling blades just makes sense. I understand the forces of inertia and stoopidity acting on the whole, what I don't understand is the lack of perspective within the chute. "There but for the grace..." just doesn't cover the obvious disconnect.

Are we really that leash trained? No such thing as a bad doggie? Only bad doggie owners? So a willing critical mass has acquiesced to be pwned? Because they have the means to insulate themselves slightly from the effects? Looking out for #1 while being forced to wade knee-deep through #2? What's a person to do? What viable options are there?

In another lifetime I coached Mite hockey. Helmets with skates. The evolution of the game from 20 churning blades following the puck wherever it went, to the artistry, position play and strategy of a Stanley Cup final series reflect the same game. Just being played on very different levels. Tossing a Mite onto the ice with seasoned professionals would be bad form. It would also degrade the game, giving an unfair advantage to the team that didn't have to cover for the weakness.

The daily grind is a war. We are each, individually, surrounded, blocked, prohibited, estopped simply because non-conforming will not be tolerated? That's bad form?

If you can't beat `em; join `em? My application was rejected. Now what?
Do the best I can? Find a niche and turn the rut into a home, build a fence? Sure, okay, but I still have to mingle in the meddlesome meat-world where the uptight uprights stand ready to make the experience difficult. Become nomadic? On a quest to find kindred? Join a commune? A place where a common purpose meshes with my life-view? Join a club that would have ME as a member? Nope, not me. I'm fated to swim upstream. Striving for symbiosis, but fated to dealing with asshats, blowholes and the upright uptights each and every fucking day.

That's my hell, so if I don't conform to the local customs and bypass some uptight upright's vision of proper decorum, forgive me if I don't respond. Fuck off. You're in my way and life is far too short to deal with asshats.

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