Monday, July 20, 2009

Sorry. Got Busy -OR- Tomorrow will be worse


A family wedding on Friday for which both kids were home. The house shrank. The refrigerator emptied and the car was never here. It returned briefly this morning in need of gas.

This flurry of activities and obligations continues tomorrow when I head downtown for Jury Duty. I've just been informed that there is no wi-fi, so I'm repacking my bag.
We're supposed to leave Thursday for a mini-vacation. With my luck I'll be selected and sequestered. Then again, what attorney in his right mind would pick ME for a juror?

Should be a fun day.

There will be a 2-4 2sday posting.

When the balls stop bouncin', I'll try to put together something more thoughtful.
Until then check out the blogroll.

Happy motoring.

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