Sunday, July 26, 2009

Another Lost Hour -OR- It All Comes Back

Out and about. Looking for that "REAL Amurca" inhabited by
REAL Amurcans.

We're currently sitting in "almost Canada". Enjoying the company of Da Yoopers. You betcha. Staycationers here have the distinct advantage of being somewhere beautiful and inspiring already. Even so, there's an undercurrent of uncertainty running cautiously amid the exuberance and optimism.

Tomorrow we'll hit da road again, brave the Wisconsin drivers and optimistic campers hauling their 24' trailers with their V6 Minivans instead of their V8 Monster Truck/Urban Assault Vehicles. (What could possibly go wrong?)

Back to civilization. I hope it's right where we left it. None the worse for the neglect we showed by leaving it behind. We considered bringing a little bit of it with us to inject up here, but decided it would never survive the winter.

Nope, they'll be fine and we'll be fine with our respective realities. Perspectively speaking that is...

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