Wednesday, June 10, 2009

What's wrong with this picture -OR- No Accounting for Taste

Do you have a problem with this gardener's palette or just the planter? Is this a case of Freedom of Expression or just Tacky?

"Someone filed a complaint, and now police, citing the village's public nuisance ordinance, have given Asmus 30 days to remove the commodes. If she refuses, she faces a fine of $25 to $500 a day."

Around this neighborhood you'll see all sorts of things in folks' yards, gardens, hanging from hooks, tied/nailed to trees, or just strewn about according to the owner's taste and artistic vision. You'll also note a strand running through of very similar HGTV DIY show sameness. We also have a public nuisance ordinance, some bizarro world zoning regs and village leaders who've tried to terraform by intimidation. Our mayor, since his elevation to mayordom, has moved to the "desirable" side of town. The guy who used bedsheets for "curtains" for 20 years and considered his X-mas display -dozens and dozens of plastic wooden soldiers, santas, snowmen- to be beautiful has now stepped up in "class" and wants the whole town to
get in step with him.

The Tribune article cited above was posted on a local forum aimed at me. It's not about MY town, but that I would naturally side with the toilet's right to exist. As though that's a bad thing. LIS, there are lots of things in people's yards and gardens around here. Colorful Bowling balls strewn randomly about, flamingos, gnomes, an 8' Moose "scupture" out of rusted metal.

I joke that I aspire to double-wide trailer park living. Largely because no matter how uppity or pretentious the neighbors want to pose, they live in a double-wide too.
Who decides what is and isn't acceptable?

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Anonymous said...

I like my moose! Come visit some time. He and his friends look nicer from the inside of the yard.