Saturday, June 6, 2009

They Live -OR- Drove My Chevy To The Levy....

Silly me.
Thinking that something as trivial as losing elections, having your stated objectives on the record while your ACTUAL practices and results are on tour in IMAX display, being exposed as hypocritical, self-serving, selfish prigs and xenophobic, homophobic sociopaths with insatiable thirst for POWER (bwahahahaha), would sway the blowholes, asshats and CCRWRSWAMs from their careening jaunt down the path to the abyss.

The answer to the question?
EXTREMELY Silly.The pathologic projection of polar opposite speechifying. Trying to bounce their own short-sighted thinking onto someone or something external.

Opposite World refuses to face the awkward, awful truth. They are once again doubling down on their double-downed wager that nobody would notice how truly fucked their positions are. That people won't notice that Cheney's daughter is now out there mouthing the words Dick used to put in the Shrub's piehole because the visage of the Dick himself was too horrifying and can still be too damaged by direct daylight. Opposite Worlders think they can trot out the Newter, Freshly cleansed, fully Martinized and Catholicized, (as though that church doesn't ADD baggage to the load) as a fresh face spouting NEWT ideas.

I've wondered, "How can this be"? Now I think I've stumbled across AN answer.
Barely noticeable, but upon closer examination, all these batshit crazies have one thing in common. Somewhere on their lapel, pocket, earrings, necklaces, if you look very closely you'll see it.

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