Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Natural State -OR- WTF?!?

The evolution of nonsense? As hard as we try to create order out of chaos, for most people, chaos wins every time. Often through no fault of our own `cept trying to keep all the plates spinning while listening to the thunderous Sabre Dance playing on a continuous loop it's inevitable that we will fail.

Some days are damnitall days when we just let things drop and worry about picking things up later, tomorrow, or simply eliminate them from our conscious thoughts. I think most of us try to make sense of things. As if we assume things are supposed to make sense. What if NONsense is the natural state of existence? What if people for whom everything makes perfect sense are either lying or delusional? That's nonsense isn't it?

What if all the effort to make sense of things is what creates the nonsense? Expands it to encompass all the work being done to contain it? Surely that makes more sense than the nonsense we're told keeps it at bay. What would result if we embraced the nonsense? Who knows, it seems to work fairly well for Cub fans. Entropy & Atrophy and little lambs eat ivy.

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