Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Lies add up -OR- Substantial Penalty for Early Withdrawl

I'm getting really tired of our distractors. These advertiser supported speculatory parasites whose livelihood is reflected on the sticker price. Whose function as "educators" providing factual, useful information has gone terribly walkabout. No matter how velocitized to their antics we have become, we can't afford to disavow the niche they fill. Even if their product is 97.4% filler. We NEED the nutritional value of that 2.6%. The manufacturers rely on our nutritional needs. They try to use the "Everybody's doing it" rationale to justify using extremely toxic crap as filler.
How toxic? Toxic enough that a body unable to filter properly can become seriously infected;unhinged, commit heinous, unspeakable acts upon undeserving victims and untold collateral damage to society-at-large.

We have product liability laws in this country. We have inpections and guidelines and product safety entities. We are particularly geared up for products manufactured for HUMAN CONSUMPTION. Hell, we even have safeguards for non-human edibles. We've identified, defined and quantified prohibited content. Yet somehow, we ignore and minimize the toxic words we ingest under the guise of free-speech. No recalls, no warning labels, no treatment centers...

Q: How far can a person walk into the woods?

Assuming a straight path, EXACTLY half way. Then they are walking OUT.

Simple Shit. Really.

Q: What quantity of provisions are necessary to make the journey?

Not so simple without a lot more information. Let's speculate.

Q: What will the journey cost?

Again, insufficient data. So let's speculate...

Q: When will the journey end?

Beginning to grasp a pattern here?

The specifics of a train from Point A to Point B over established routes can be accurately quantified.

If the train mistakenly gets side-tracked you can recalibrate and recalculate with some level of certainty.

The United States is NOT a railroad. Regardless of Dick Cheney's ONE-TRACK line of thinking bullshit.

In the retail (real?) world, certain predictable assumptions are projected. (guessed) Some merchandise will break or spoil, some will simply vanish which is termed "Leakage". Safeguards are implemented to minimize such things. Perishable stock is FIFO'd. First in, first out. "Leakage" prevention measures have evolved from aware, eagle-eyed clerks to locked security cages, embedded security chips and elaborate video surveilance equipment. Despite all attempts at minimization, the projections remain on the operational budget.

We've had many occasions to view product liability tragedies. It's such a commonplace anomaly that it is no long anomalous. It too has a line in the budget.
Limiting liability is an industry unto itself with an corresponding line in the budget. Risk Management...

We're told we live in a symmetrical world in which "shit happens". We're told we live in the "free world" that cherishes freedom so much that we'll allow bullshit to be broadcast for public consumption. That we have to accept the direct and collateral damage caused as just part of the price. It would be more damaging to devise and implement protections yet we can't hear FUCK on TV or Radio or see a pierced nipple during a half-time show.

We're agreed. We are in the woods. Some might even say we're lost and wandering in the woods. Others go so far as to suggest we're being led around in circles. Our best shot at finding a way out is to gain some perspective.

But first things first, we need factual information without the toxic additives.
We need to accept that our past fuck-ups and current clusterfucks are costly things.
We also need to adjust to prices that actually reflect the costs associated directly with the purchase. Only then can we determine our willingness to buy. There must be a commitment to PAY the costs NOW, or as quickly as feasible, because the interest and penalties will only pile up. Given proper management, it is manageable. Painful? Limiting? Absolutely. But necessary.

If the News is toxic, quit eating it. Most of us have the required prophylaxis. Only then can we start walking OUT of the woods. Once clear, a New Cue Lar device should be seriously considered for those who choose to stay in the wood.

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