Monday, June 15, 2009

Each day, each week, seems just like any other -OR- Lulls happen??

At exactly what point will we run out of pigs onto which we can slather lipstick?
Is our attention span so far gone that they don't even bother trying to claim that this one is an entirely new/different pig? Clearly, the "arguments" are being recycled on both sides, yet the generic responses are not setting off any alarm bells. They just result in a vague sense of ennui and deja vu.

Can't I simply save my faux outrage to use against faux outrage? Will that help me fight the tedium I experience as I'm forced to listen to the re-hashed, mush-mouthed, half-baked, warmed over, well-trodden ground.

Pick an issue. ANY issue. When was the last time something new was brought into the equation? When did we surrender to such predictable stalemates? More importanly WHY?

Was there a memo I missed?

Do you see any break-throughs in the immediate vicinity? on the horizon? through the Hubble telescope? Have ANY stray radicals or random particles entered the chambers?
An original thought of import? Any that haven't been beaten flat by the same old tired policy arguments? Is anyone or anything postitioned to be a game-changing element?

Do you see where I'm going here? No? Oh well, the world is round. I'll just wait here until you come around again. Maybe after seeing me here, revolution after revolution, it'll dawn on you that going in circles isn't getting it done.

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