Sunday, May 24, 2009

The Shot. Redux. -OR-Craig Ehlo is somewhere SMILING.

The Mistake By The Lake.

Cleveland, Ohio.

For Twenty years & 15 days it was "The Shot". Like "The Drive" and "The Fumble" it defined Cleveland.

If the Cavaliers go on to win the NBA championship, LeBron James' SHOT will be remembered. If not, MJ will retain THE SHOT as his own.

Meanwhile, the shuttle Atlantis has landed at Edwards Airbase.
Still circling the planet in a wobbly orbit is Martin Havlat.


In 50 years of watching, playing and coaching Hockey, I have never seen such a thing.
Sure, back in Bantam league, guys would get clocked because their head was down and there have been blind sidings, but this was explosive and I can't recall anything in Hockey that approaches this for pure, raw power. Mike Tyson in his prime?

Puck Drop for Game 4 is Today 2 p.m. Central. Nicklas Kronwall is a big dude, but this afternoon it would behoove him to wear a few extra layers of padding. Chicago's beef will be looking for ANY opportunity to ring his bell.

Should be very interesting.

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