Tuesday, May 5, 2009

2-4 2sDay PSA Edition/Distracted NON- Drivers

Yesterday a motorcyclist was killed when her bike was rear-ended by a driver who was applying NAIL POLISH while driving.
Today's LOCAL headlines include:
Vehicle Slams Into Downtown Starbucks
Vehicle catches fire after striking toll booth on I-90
Hit-And-Run Driver Kills 2 In West Rogers Park
Woman seriously injured in Beach Park crash

Be safe out there! You're sharing the road w/ Stoopids.

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Larue said...

Like Sam Stone, there used to be a hole in John's arm where all the money went . . . he and Steve Earle are truly the Guthrie's of our times . . . fabulous musicians, songwriters, performers.

And they lived. That's a hell of a make, for either of them.

Two of my fav, and thanks for some older Prine, that was sweet . . *G*