Tuesday, May 26, 2009

2-4 2sDay D-List Celebrities


Larue said...

Yer officially killin me.

I know Diddy Wah Diddy, I've never HEARD of The Remains (I know the Go Go Show, though).

I know Shakin All Over, from a FEW brit sources, but I have NO clue who bearded guy is.

Killin me, just killin me.

Where and HOW do you KNOW about this stuff?


Rehctaw said...

That bearded fellow is none other than Chicago's own Stevie Starlight.
X-Rated Rock n Blues. A multi-generational (now) cult on Chicago's Sout Side.

He has been pluggin' away in da clubs for 25+ years fronting his own. Refining his craft which, in addition to killer guitar work, is largely interactive with his audience. A running, twisting, full-winged musical conversation.

His instrument is between his ears.
Connecting his fingers to the guitar and his mouth to the audience. A "show" can go from straight ahead Rock to Reggae in mid-song if he senses that's what the crowd will respond to. His "band" just goes with it.

It's a trip and a half off the beaten path. Or as he would put it, the beat-off path.