Friday, April 3, 2009

We is Illinoise -OR- Diamonds and Dogs

All hail
Driftglass! and his serious Pshop skills

Now comes the anti-climax. Impeached, rejected and accused ex-gov can now add indicted to his considerable resume'. 19 Counts and what do you get? Another Day Older and Deeper in Feces. Done in by his own warped view of right and wrong, gained by filtering his life experience in and around Chicago politics and validated by a short stint avoiding the people's work in the People's house. That's the fetid air he breathed. That's the career envelope he chose to push.

It was clear early on that he'd gone to law school to study geometry and passing the bar confirmed his belief that the angles would serve him well. He had a lean and hungry look, a boyish charm and held carefully crafted, constructed and negotiated patents of nobility in the Chicago School of Politics.

He still thinks the world NEEDS Rod Blagojevich. A guy who's studied the angles, played the caroms, eaten the sins and mapped the graveyards. He still thinks he's played by the rules; both sets. If the prosecution makes its formidable case, he'll have ample opportunity to reflect on where his theorem went terribly and horribly obtuse.

Meanwhile, Squeaky clean Chicago Mayor Daley played host to the 2016 Olympic selection committee. Kindred! By lunchtime, they were thick as thieves. No language barriers involved. Daley made it clear. Anyting youse guys needs, dis guy here will take care of youse. Consider him a gift. You're gonna love Chicaga so much you'll never wanna leave. Ax any guy on da street an he'll tell ya. We do things good here.
Youse guys like sports right? Bulls and Blackhawks. Cubs and White Sox. An of course, DA Bears.

Food? Wadaya wants? Youse can find it here. World class stuff. We got it all.
Dat's whats so great. Dat's why you won't find a better place to have your games.
We love games so much we make up new ones every day. We had dat minority contract game, da hired truck game, da patronage game. Dey name stuff after our games.
Chicaga is known wherever you go.

We've been having our own Olympics here for years. Dere were da Greylord games, da Silver Shovel games, da Shackman games, we had dose memorable games here back in `67 and`68. Now we gotta shot at the 2016 Brass ring showcase and we'll show youse how it's done, da Chicaga way.

Dickheads, blowholes and asshats, in their full strutting plumage, on the runway. Looking to assert their rightful place among the elite. But mostly taking credit for the unbelievably resourceful citizens of a city that never sleeps, is always on the make, hog-butcher to the world. In such a place it's inevitable that a few hogs will escape, blend in, marry the alderman's daughter, run for public office, get caught dirty and be prosecuted by the other Chicagoans who are well-versed in the elements and geometry of da Chicago Way because they've been battling against it their whole lives.

With the kind of handicaps associated with Illinois Politics, if the 2016 Olympiad falls through, we could easily be in the running for the Special Olympics.

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