Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Rawrahs- The Prequel -OR- Mission Creep

Year Two?
What mission statement does one put on that?
I mean... at what point does it just become redundancy?
We've covered the basics. Asshats, blowholes sociopaths and just plain creepy individuals control our turf. They refer to it as THEIR turf, which is hard to argue.
If you don't believe them, just ask `em.

They have successfully co-opted and redefined America and Americans to the point at which actual cultural references to history's touchstones and notable personalities are no longer associated with the motivations of their eras, but instead are either firmly tied to the present, linked to a consumer product or cause upon which a plethora of 501c3s raise funding.

Is the demonization of our true better selves complete? Is the cleansing of history -to the point of rote acceptance- a fete accompli? Where are the lessons of past mistakes carved indelibly for rememberance and protection?

Am I alone in finding the incongruencies disturbing? Is the sham so engrained, permeated and saturated into the nation's fabric that it's beyond salvage? What will it take to wake people up? Or should I just take a nap? Why does the Babel Fish in my head taunt and torture me?

Ahh, so I can open a vein and spew the toxins out here. Bringing order to the universe and closing the loop. Wicked. Unnecessary and unhelpful, but wicked.

Okay, I'll stay a tourist prisoner here in opposite world and dutifully report the derangement de jour. A quick glance at the itinerary promises a full menu of foot-stompin' fun. I'm off to observe the Chicago edition of the 2009 Faux News sponsored "teabagger's ball". I can't wait to steer a few of the doe-eyed celebrants up toward Boys Town for a truly memorable demonstration of the art.

Let the games begin! continue unabashed.


Blue Gal said...

I baked a cake for ya, baby cakes.

Rehctaw said...

Thanks Ma.
You fussed!
I'll wear it proudly.

Sherry said...

happy happy!

driftglass said...

And many happy return visits of the day to you!