Monday, April 27, 2009

Bone picking -OR- Sowhaddyathink would happen?

12 Days after the tea-party and I still have a hangover?

I guess I forgot the old adage; bile before swill? Chicago, Crook County, Illinois Blagoland. Segregation, racism, small-minded bigotry, faux outrage, trumped up, puffed up, blown out of proportion slights... a festering sore that may be salved, but is ever present just below the surface. No coincidence that the angry voices I heard, the angry faces I saw and the coded and blatant racism that thickened in the plaza were the same voices I heard, the same faces I saw and the same coded and blatant racism that have marked each rise of teh Stoopids.

Skokie, Cicero, Marquette Park, Grant Park. "THEM people are destroying MY country".
1964, 67, 68... as predictable as the tides. More reliable than Old Faithful, the knuckle-dragging chanters of unspeakable mistruths can be counted on to wrongly define, diagnose and treat their own illness by projecting it onto everyone, anyone else.

Connect the dots. When I was a child, I stood up as a child and said "That's just dumb". Spite, malice hate and jealously blended with elitism, vanity and stoopidity is not an attractive mix. Not a child anymore. Proving another of their lies, that when I growed up, I would understand and be on their side. Nuh-uh. Didn't happen.

This bunch is certainly not one worthy of yet another reunion tour. Been there, done that. It's their turn to be marginalized. I don't expect them to go away quietly. They can leave kickin' and screamin' like out of control toddlers who didn't get the lollipop.
But go they must. Back under their rock. Don't call us. We'll call you when your particular brand of stoopid is required.

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