Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Color me surprised? -OR- No Shit Sherlock.

admits voting system flaws

"It's getting to the point, where I'm no fun anymore."
There goes the neighborhood!

My fringe is being invaded. CNN is massing on the border.
Words that were scoffed at, ridiculed, derided, dismissed just a year ago are suddenly en vogue. Granted, they are mostly used without the colorful qualifiers, modifiers and multipliers, but they are MINE.

When? In the last thirty years have you heard terminology, in the mainstream, questioning the excess, obscene takings that have suddenly become in bad form?
NOW it's wrong? After thirty years of catapulting such behaviors to the top of the skill set desired by corporations?

And how `bout them congresscritters? The people's champs! Nobody feigns indignant indignation quite so. They're still clueless Magoos whose moral compass always points true EGO. It just that now their dinner conversations are about how bad things are. You can't truly enjoy three fingers of Johnnie Walker Blue when the guy next to you sipping his Louis XIII is telling you that he can't find a 30% ROI anymore so he's going full Galt.

So even though the words SOUND right, the thinking is still all wrong. The motive is completely self-serving and the purpose is misguided. These avant-garde progressives wouldn't recognize, let alone spout, truth unless they didn't believe it. What they dearly want is for the herd to go back to grazing so they can imbibe unmolested. The simple life ya know?

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