Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Bonus!! -OR- "It was easy peasy. I just did a bad job."

Work your fingers to the bone. What do you get?
Fired, Laid off, RIFfed, furloughed, outsourced, cut-back, scaled back and phased-out.

Liquify the financial bedrock. Loot, pillage, rape and ratfuck causing 20% of the economy to vanish in a puff of stupidity. What do you get?

Bonus baby!!! Enriched and secured for several lifetimes. We can't possibly continue this stellar clusterfuck without such "qualified" people. If we don't bonus them into ecstasy they might seek employment elsewhere? A million dollars doesn't go as far as it used to doncha know?
"Who is gonna take care of Eric Dickerson when he don't wanna play football anymore?"
(may not be an exact quote, but close enough)

One serious succession of shitloads have hit the fan. Everyone seems pretty agreed on that factoid. By the laws of nature and science, what has hit the fan is not being evenly distributed. It ain't over yet either. The shitstorm clouds are stacked beyond the horizon.

Scope of the problem from MI2g Chairman DK Matai. A guy who frankly scares the shit out of me with his eloquent calm descriptive of the coming twists and turns. We may even manage to avoid some of the financial claymores, but not all. We can't really go around the problem and we can't back away.

I can hear the hue and cry now... "But, but...I have people skills! You NEED me!" from the current crop of `splainers. The doomers, whistle blowers, crumudgeons and disbelievers can't get near a megaphone even though their data and information might save countless lives. Giving them airtime would amount to going nuclear.

At what point will the illusion just shatter? Our grand interdependent, co-dependent self-importance delusions are showing their nagging side-effects. You can call it socialism or communism or skeezix glomboid, I prefer to to call it sanity. Our acquired aversion to sharing; our need to replicate formerly common assets for our proprietary usage, is doing more than hogging resources, it's seriously damaging our symbiosis. Our encampments have insulated us by isolating us.

The only consensus is that we lack the tools to find consensus. We're represented by proxy. We negotiate through these various proxies. We act surprised when the wielders aren't particularly responsive to our desires. We're distracted by the inability of those who begged us to let them represent us to do more than point fingers at each other or some disembodied boogey man as the obstacle to progress.

Take it easy baby. Take it as it comes.
Rise up angry and propose a solution.
Make it an amendment to the Constitution?
That only those who took no real risk
can have heat in the winter and tea that's brisk?

Who knew that our financial chickenhawks would prove more deranged than our military ones?

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Anonymous said...

A.D. 1125 . In this year sent the King Henry, before Christmas,
from Normandy to England, and bade that all the mint-men that
were in England should be mutilated in their limbs; that was,
that they should lose each of them the right hand, and their
testicles beneath. This was because the man that had a pound
could not lay out a penny at a market. And the Bishop Roger of
Salisbury sent over all England, and bade them all that they
should come to Winchester at Christmas. When they came thither,
then were they taken one by one, and deprived each of the right
hand and the testicles beneath. All this was done within the
twelfth-night. And that was all in perfect justice, because that
they had undone all the land with the great quantity of base coin
that they all bought.

Anglo Saxon Chronicle
Translation by Rev. James Ingram (London, 1823).