Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Basic Math -OR- Alike in Opposite World

Make up work from my absence yesterday. Can't fall behind on assignments...

It's national square root day 3/3/9. Get it?
Next one won't happen until 4/4/16.

Were are sadly, truly and irreversibly fucked if our population of majority age
don't positively know that 2 + 2 = 4. They do don't they? Please tell me they grasp that basic, unequivocal universality nugget.

The first two in this equation is the fundamental political philosophy that has been driving the bus for the last 30 years. The second two in this equation is personified currently in Bernie Madoff. The list stretching back 30 years includes luminaries, Ken Lay, Jack Abramoff, Chuck Keating, Neil Bush, Kenneth Good, Jeb Bush, Bill Walters...
These are just the Hall of Famers of the National Ponzi League. Combining the two factors could ONLY result in 4. Fundamental, unshakeable calculation. All else tossed in to the problem is merely distraction. Changing names and locations within the equations does not alter the factors. 2+2= FOUR.

Did then. Does now. Will tomorrow and the next day and the next.
ANY other result is WRONG. Yesterday, today and tomorrow as well.
No matter how many times the WRONG answer is repeated; it's still WRONG.
All attempts to make you think the problem is more complex than you are capable of understanding are BULLSHIT.

It really is that simple. Renaming, redefining, reshuffling, resetting, obfuscation and pure puffery cannot alter the answer being FOUR. No pitbull or pig wearing lipstick, no obtuse projection of blame game, no blockbuster box office, no lines, no waiting alters the fundamental PROBLEM and ANSWER.

The reality based world knows from FOUR. Opposite world is the source of the difficulty. Like a basic math class that won't move forward until EVERY. SINGLE. STUDENT fully appreciates the 2+2=4, there can be no progress when Opposite Worlders occupy any of the desks.

The only way forward is to leave them behind. Conservatively, our detour into Opposite World has cost us tens of trillions of dollars, destroyed countless lives, in short, prevented the progress of man.

In that light, it is laughable when opposite worlders now say that the answer to everything today is ZERO. Wrong then, Wrong now, WRONG TOMORROW no matter how many megawatts power its bullhorns.

This class has been distracted, disrupted, wrecked and ruined long enough. They don't get it. Never will. Fuggem. Let them sit in the back corners and abuse themselves. Don't hand them the chalk and have them work the problem some more in the impossible dream that they'll get it this time. They can't. They admit it every day. Except in their admission they try to point at everybody else being wrong.
That's how opposite world operates. That's how they roll. They insist America is being dumbed down because we still think 2+2=4 which indeed it does, but they will never get.

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Comrade PhysioProf said...

This class has been distracted, disrupted, wrecked and ruined long enough. They don't get it. Never will. Fuggem. Let them sit in the back corners and abuse themselves.

I think that this is now Obama's plan. He played the "reach across the aisle" game, and now has demonstrated in no uncertain terms to the American people that the sick-fucks across the aisle are *much* more interested in appealing to their deranged pig-people constitutents than they are in keeping the motherfucking country alive. Now he has the political capital to tell those motherfuckers to pound fucking sand while the 2+2=4 people try to fix this fucking mess.