Thursday, February 12, 2009

Stick `em up! -OR- Rendering the pig

A highlight from yesterday's House hearings.
Congressman Mike Capuano D-Mass to the bank CEOs. 4:20 of beat-down.
"I have some people in my constituency who actually robbed some of your banks and they say the same thing. They're sorry. They didn't mean it. They won't do it again. Just let `em out."


Across the nation, our colonial fiefdoms, rather than tightening their belts are tying on their slop bibs. They are positively salivating over the windfall headed their way. No cuts needed, FREE money is on the way. The parties can just continue.
Just think of the wonderfulness to come! More trickle down crap. More road signs to nowhere. More $2000 leather thrones for the council chambers. More, more, more.

How many of Todd Stroger's ilk, with no discernible skill, talent, brains or accomplishments are sitting in positions overseeing multi-million or billion dollar budgets? How many cities, towns, villages and districts have been conditioned to do less with more while its citizens, without much recourse, figure out ways to do more with less?

What do bankers and politicians have in common? Hmmm, They belong to the the same clubs, attend the same functions,send their kids to the same schools, live in the same upscale neighborhoods... Who else travels in their circles? Celebrities, media personalities, union bigwigs, corporate executives, society types. They reinforce each others egos that what they're doing is all good and necessary and helpful.

We're phooked.

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Anonymous said...

No we're not phooked, hoss. We ain't them. And they fear that.

Greatly. *G*