Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Keno Kabinet -OR- We're Soooooooooo Phooked

Not that one!!! Try again.
I hear Gov. Dr. Dean is available...
Or are we still holding his yell against him?
Any lifelines left? A challenge flag to be thrown?

Yo Mr President...Clock's ticking. Call a fucking time out already.
You're the adult now. Go ahead and say it. STFU! Get your shit together and take
control. As much as we may need a stimulus, it's far more important that we have a FUCKING PLAN.

It's not sudden death. This is a pivotal game to be sure, but you won't win it by controlling the jump ball. Tempo... Pick and roll ain't working? You have to soften up the lane. Drop some threes. The zone giving your forwards penetration fits?
Big man getting chewed up in the lane? Change it up. You need something to put them on their heels. Yes it's annoying to have little shits waving hands in your face, playing to the refs, making you tuck in your jersey, objecting to your footwear. Their bag of psych tricks is deep, but only two things matter; the clock and the scoreboard.

They're playing hack a Barack? Take and make your free throws. You're the real deal.
You still dictate the pace. Better to do it right than fast. You're changing the game. A nation velocitized to crisis management and the FUBAR de jour might do well to slow down a little.

Stop feeding the pissants.

[cue Aram Khachaturian's Sabre Dance]

Yeah, it's entertaining, but it doesn't fix anything.

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Comrade Physioprof said...

Beautiful, holmes!

Go Huskies!!!!!!!