Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Justice League of America -OR- Next stop... The Hague

The answer to bipartisanship:
"But if you want money for people with minds that hate, all I can tell you, is `Brother, you have to wait!'".

If you were to believe the press clippings since the launch of Opposite World...

RWR (all praise) alone restored America to "superiority".
Projecting American might has impressed the average citizen of anywhere.
Justice triumphs over injustice.
The Cubs had an actual shot at a World Championship.
War is Peace.
Perpetual War is perpetual peace.
That they hate us for our freedom.
That repeating lies makes them truths.
That poor people caused this financial meltdown.
That the last thirty years haven't been a gigantic exercise in Anti-trust
by a buy-in and prosper Ponzi scheme that has now joined the gathering throng of head-scratchers and dog-goners...


Before dime one is dispensed from the magical Pez dispenser there's still HOPE.
All Congress has proven by passing the BO bill and all Prez BHO has proven by signing it, is that there is an opportunity to start doing the right correct things for the right correct reasons, using the right correct criteria.

I'm down with that, but the odds are good that the outstretched hands, eager to receive, are filthy with the ignored blood of our ancestors and the huddled masses.
Instead, wade a few dozen rows into the ranks to find people with everything to lose if we do not fix things.

I'm good either way. I've been on the outside watching and waiting. Prepared
to be outside until you get back to where you once belonged.

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