Friday, January 16, 2009

Up In Smoke -OR- Trying to lose a foundation.

Every occupation has its jokes, its slurs, its "oh, snaps". It's an unkind cut, one firefighter to another to say, "They've never lost a foundation". Of the axe happy it's said "Everything is smashed, broken and soaked. Their work is done".

For me, it's an apt analogy to our Bumbler-in-Chief. His approach remained steadfast in its destructive path. When every single thing he has breathed on, wilted or burst into multi-colored flames, his reaction was to stand back to admire his work, then continue his vacation. His last few oral reflection exercises have seemed to say, "No big deal. It was easy. I just did a bad job." We "misunderestimated" the potential damage one person could do. True, he had a lot of help. Truly, nobody will be able to look at government in the same ways again.

The long goodbye has been a tsunami of clusterfucks that defy logic and reason. Competence, banished from the play-calling stratergizing, was relegated to the bench or to the jeering section.
Over this eight-year taking a dive, they've been forced to the fringe. Forced to watch. Forced to stammer their objections because the swath being cut was just too wide, too stoopid and too painful to put into words. For their trouble they were labeled obstructionists, unpatriotic, wimps. Sour grapes dismissed their concerns, even when everything was turned to shit.

But now that the party is over, and the serious people have arrived, there is a perceptable change of rhetoric from the right. Without missing a beat, they've switched from cool to hot.
Silent. Absent even one WTF?!? for eight years of ratfuckery, they now demand answers, solutions? They require a less than 180° reversal of the poisonous policies that ushered in the nastiness? Give me a fucking break.

I'm looking forward to a little straight talk. I'm hoping the last eight years are equated to a crime spree for which the perps will be held accountable. I hope the first order of business is to flush the sleepers out of their bureaucratic bunkers. A return of function to functionaries. Unleashed accountablility to restore the works to a working state. So the elbow benders at the bars can watch and learn from the defendants before the bar.

Happy days aren't here again, but serious people are committed to rebuild. The frat party's over. Not the end of fun, just the end of THEIR fun.

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