Wednesday, January 28, 2009

A show of hands -OR- Fear Strikes Out.

"Both Foreign AND Domestic."

Be still my cynical heart. In broad strokes, it would seem that inertia is ebbing. Cracks are appearing through which there are glimpses of another world. It's a fragile, uncertain, but hopeful, glimpse of something else. A different reality?
I suppose if you consider the unreality through which we've been trudging for...ever(?)* as real reality, this is surely different.

No more phantom menaces. The real menaces, dangers and threats are taking form, being painted bright fluorescent colors and tagged according to triage procedures. At least one person with the authority to take action, and the mental capacity to anticipate the ripples, is calling the shots again.

His weapons of choice are reason and logic rather than cruise missiles and infantry boots. That's change I can believe in. At the end of his arms he has hands and fingers that aren't perpetually clenched. That's a welcome difference. The dexterity with which he displays different configurations of his appendages makes "close-up magic" practitioners envious and hand models swoon. The wave, the point, the wagged finger, the hearty handshake, the back-pat, the nudge, the gentle guide as well as the signature move, his left-handed wrap-around signings are controlled and measured. Italians and mimes watch in jaw-dropped awe. His hands are unflappable.

When the rest of us are limited to reflexively offering a single medius, there he is; steadfast and resolute. The gesture accomplished without visible manifestation.
He knows, they know and we know. They don't teach that at Columbia or Harvard.
Not yet anyway.

But I digress...

If you watch closely, you see a very methodical approach that is still in the taking names stage. A transition eased by unprecedented willingness to stop, drop and roll regarding anything done prior to January 20th. This short-arm inspection will proceed until all the pieces are in place. There's gonna be a lot of lists made. Some obvious, some less so. In the end, choices will be made and a single finger will point the way.

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