Friday, January 23, 2009

Paradigm Shift -OR- "Everybody in Leg Warmers"(r)The Gap

Okay, only someone who would argue against the Tides, the Sunrise or the certainty of taxes could possibly say the world did not change on Tuesday. One of those "uncertain of exactly what had changed because clearly EVERYTHING had changed" moments.

For the cynic: All roses, no casket... yet.

Benjamin Franklin declared "Once started is half-finished". Hard to argue that saw this week.

Next week, basking in the afterglow of a national orgasm of VJ Day proportion, fuzzy headed optimists and pragmatic skeptics will ask themselves how this affects ME? The answers will vary, but there should be general agreement that change is good.

Good to open the windows and air things out. When a whole planet breathed a sigh of relief, the Green Network didn't calculate the CO2 emission's impact on the environment. The offsets were already in place.

On Tuesday we moved back to Douglas Adam's "Mostly Harmless" status.
The globe warmed perceptibly without threat to ice caps and next year's crops.

In Martha's world, "A Good Thing".

I want to make this girl a star!

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