Friday, January 30, 2009

59-0 -OR- Rut Ro Rorge

I do so heart me some Pat Quinn. Mr. Squeaky Wheel himself who has spent decades spinning his own trying to get traction for his one-man reform movements.

In 2002, he was elected Lt. Governor as a shield for Blago's questionable antics and to serve as a governor on Guv Paytoplay. Party bigwigs were not thrilled, but figured it as good a place as any for Quinn to fade into obscurity.

Rut Ro Rorge As Lt. Governor, Quinn found some sand. With no clout, limited funding and within the confines of his own budget he began launching ideas and initiatives. Tossing bits and harnesses on stray nags, he commenced to plowing.

Now he's been called up to the Show and may redefine the Illinois game. Then again, he may spend what remains of his interim post eradicating the "Governor ROD BLAGOJEVICH Welcomes YOU to Illinois" signs plaster on everything.

That effort has been jump-started by intrepid Illini with hand tools who began that process earlier this week seeking souvenirs for posterity (or EBAY). I'm told there's no truth to the rumor that state employees have signed up en masse for this weekend's voluntary clean up.

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