Monday, November 17, 2008

What's In A Name? -OR- BOHICA baby!

I'm struck anew at the ease and speed of Conservative re-framing and redefinition to avoid responsibility. Witness the freepers and Con-shills spewing forth on our "Consumer Economy". Should there not have been at least a moment of silence upon the passing of our THEIR beloved MARKET ECONOMY?

The disinvestment, the shift, shift and shaft, the M&As, the downsizing, the "gun to our head" demands for union concessions, the outsourcing... In a nutshell; the shell game. The BIG CON.

In recessions of the recent past, the big question was always how to jumpstart a market economy. After decades of devaluing industry, manufacturing and the workers who toiled to make it profitable, we no longer have much to market. This creates a conundrum. What to do? What to do?

Change the NAME! Yeah, that's the ticket. Market economy is so last century! We are now a full-blown CONSUMER society. People have forgotten the pitfalls of the Coolidge era. Their only frame of reference now is "It's A Wonderful Life" and that's such a feel good flick that we can safely overlook the underlying greed and stupidity that Capra was trying to document.

You can't hep but just stand back and admire this type of BALLS. Even while your own are being busted, not just flagrantly, but with relish as well.

Now even the Potters are crawling to Potter as though they are worried there might be a crumb they've missed. The spewers are there, out on point. Pointing fingers in any/all directions to offset the growing finger being raised toward themselves.

Here we go again. While the spewers explain it their way, and well-meaning but somehow hapless congresscritters debate the conveniently re-framed causes and effects... Profits successfully sequestered. Risk successfully donated to the future generations.


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