Saturday, September 27, 2008

In America -OR- Whachoo talkin' `bout Willis?

From poster Tanner Boyle (how cute) on one of the sandboxes in which I dabble...

Guys...none of this discussion really matters.
In the end, John McCain will be the next President of the United States.
Now, I'm not a Democrat or a Republican. I'm a realist.

And, there is no way, no how, that a negro is going to be elected President of the United States in our lifetimes. It's as simple as that.

You can argue the polls, the issues, the backgrounds, and the qualifications of each candidate, both for the President and the Vice President...but in the end, color will decide this election.
America is not ready for a black President. Not yet. Maybe not ever.
It's that simple.

I asked, politely of course, if the last line included a typo? Was it supposed to be I'm not It's?

As we approach yet another defining moment in Electoral history, we take strength from the polls that we hate so much. IF (a biggie)the polls hold steady, IF the people are not as simple as to vote for more of what they've been getting, good and hard, for so long, that many younger voters have no working knowledge of what came before the current clusterfuck, IF having traded the future for the biggest pig in a poke EVAH, doesn't make them say fuggit, we're outta here, what kind of future is still possible?

We'll take over a franchise that has long-term contractual obligations that seemingly lock us into staying the course set out by BushCo. Wholesale change will be impossible. Our future's so dark, what's the point? We're Krazy Glued to this wheezing, pus-laden, obstinate, calculated, manipulated and permanently cast future of debt, war and diminishment for our lifetimes and our options have been so limited as to be non-existent. The next POTUS will have to honor our obligations. Won't he?
Our next Congress will follow policy, won't they? They won't be able to change the rules... hmmmm, Hey, wait just a cotton pickin' minute, YES THEY CAN! If we've learned ANYTHING from 8 years of BushCo, it's that rules are subject to interpretation.

What's more, I think enough of us realize the potential that can move forward in January that we can tolerate the reality of opposite world for another few weeks. We're phucked. It looks bad. The only thing that could possibly make things worse would be a NEXT POTUS who actually believes that because they can't believe anything else. Someone who will tap the current field of incompetents to serve in a MeCain administration for FOUR MORE YEARS?

Nothing's done that can't be undone. A bumpy ride either way, but only one will get us back to the highway.

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