Saturday, August 9, 2008

Saturday Morning Flashback OR The root of "Political Expedience"

Through the fuzzy goggles of modern historical context, when "It wasn't the crime it was the cover-up" superseded the time-honored tradition of tarring, feathering and running scoundrels out of town on a rail...

The birth of TRUE domestic terrorism when lawbreakers and lawmakers became co-conspirators in derailing the wheels of justice. When we "advanced" beyond accountability. When the "shill" became the political mindtrust. With liberty and justice for none.

The day ACOUNTABILITY was senselessly murdered. Thirty-four years ago today.

Literal translation of Ford's quote: "OUR National nightmare is over. Have fun with YOURS."

Fuggin fuggers fugged us again and again and again and again andonandon.

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Anonymous said...

STILL fuggin us, too . . . a whole FLEET of fuggin ships are headed to Iran for a fuggin blockade . . . and we is gonna be REALLY fugged in that tense hairtrigger sitch when China and Russia try to escort ships IN to The Gulf to their trade partner . . . it's all so fugly I'm stockin up on medications. I got a case of Bushmills, a case of Hornito's . . . need beer though . . . and Merlot, gotta have lots of Merlot . . .