Thursday, August 21, 2008

Really Senator? OR When credibility went walkabout

Am I the only one having trouble getting through the headlines? I can't bring myself to read past the lead.

McCain supports a return to the Draft?
McCain unsure how many houses he owns?
Department of Homeland Security HACKED?
Rice: U.S., Iraq agree timetables should be set for withdrawal

Lucky for me I have a couple of Mulberry tree to interrogate enhancedly with a chain saw.

"Laugh(a) while you can Monkey Boy!"

Mike Royko is being used as filler by The Chicago Sun-Times.
The concept is to take an old Royko column that used a REAL person as a foil. Contact that person 30 years later to see how the column affected them. (For fun, imagine Royko today with a blog and COMMENT section)

Back in the day, when I was chillin' like a muthafucker... If you wanted to register your indignation you had to write a letter. Royko got sacks of trollmail every day.

So while the evening news still sticks microphones into tragedy nightly to ask
the probing "How do you feel?"
The Chicago Sun-Times takes it to the absurd with "So How do you FEEL NOW?"
The Royko name is enshrined. But it wasn't all gold. He churned out as much crap as any daily columnist. He fucked people over frequently. He was a drunk and a bully.
Sardonic and brilliant one day, head up his ass the next. I guess, unless you were the victim of one of his head up his ass days, it is fitting to remember ONLY the gold.

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