Thursday, July 24, 2008

Shouldn't Thursdays be funner?

The week's winding down, the weekend is within reach.

Why have Thursdays turned into the longest, suckiest days of my

Oh yeah, I know why. Because the shit everybody has put off all week now needs to be
done yesterday. Run, run, run.

Gotta keep the customer satisfied. Satisfied.

I've got music. What get's you by?

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larue said...

Took me a while to think about this.

But, here it is.

I got music. I make music.
Drugs, alcohol and cheap sex.

Although I don't do two of the three above, my old lady keeps me goin. After all, it's a deal, we're in it together.

24 years now. Monogamy by choice, two weeks into it.

Marriage was MUCH later on . . .

We argue. We fight verbally. We hassle about money. About house work. But every day means we still wake up as a couple.

I think, the daily routine keeps me satisfied. Hell, I KNOW it does.

But I got myself one HELL of a great woman. We can do all the above, and end it in a few minutes (the arguing).

We TIRE of arguing . . . our WORST times are cuz we don't tell the damned story fast enuff, and the other one's bored already . . .

And on bad days, we hit the merlot, argue, and end it fast. And all of a sudden, shit don't suck.

Bottom line? I'm still clueless about the female I share my life with . . . but man, I'm happy as all hell to be this clueless, after 24 years. I was MUCH more clueless a decade or two ago . . . . stupid as shit, I was. But, committed . . . as she was . . . that's what it takes, maybe . . I don't know, pour me some of Busted's cheap phuckin beer and pass the cherry wood smoked fuckin baby back pork ribs. N give me that bottle of Patron, ya hog . . .

Yeah, I can get by, I think . . . wuck fork. ;-)