Friday, July 11, 2008

I hear ya.

"Sorry bout that Chief." That 209 stuff sometimes gets carried away. Thank Jah, Phil Gramm was around to snap me out of my reverie.

It's a phucking drag to visit the intertubes and find nothing but whining. This don't work, that's fuckin' broken, that shit don't make no sense. LIS, I hear ya. Problem is, the fucked up shit is getting even more fucked up because the fuckers fuckin' with it don't have clue one what's wrong.

No, that's incorrect, they know exactly what's going on. What is preventing repair is admitting that it doesn't work and why. It would also require admitting that it's been wrong for quite a while. There's no restore point, no place we can go back to and undo what's been done at least not without some serious reconciliation of the books. At this point it's like an accident involving a tour bus full of personal injury attorneys. They don't know how many are injured because people are still getting on the bus.

But what truly fries my testes is that the folks who put us in this trick bag are the same people telling us they can fix it. That wouldn't be so bad if their idea of fixing it wasn't to fuck with it and tweak it some more under a delusional belief that it's unbreakable.

Like a Volkswagen of old, it'll definitely float, but it won't float indefinitely.
The brilliance of the looters notwithstanding, there is a limit. At the risk of offending potential readers either now or in the future, buy a fucking clue. You are being had. Every day in every way you are getting screwed. Everyone is being sucked on by an ever growing array of parasites. The only difference is your awareness of, and tolerance for the continuous drain. That it hasn't already transformed you into some lifeless husk is in no way due to your immunity to the effects. Like Massai tribesmen, it's mostly understood that a lifeless husk is of no use to anybody. Least of all to those with no discernible talent other than tapping into and riding along on the hard work, ingenuity and prosperity of others.

There was a time when this was an expected, acceptable, almost symbiotic, relationship. Just the cost of doing business and business was good. Paying taxes, even "street taxes" didn't overly disrupt the beneficial movement through the pipeline. Acceptable leakage didn't threaten the flow. The parasites this process supported weren't particularly greedy. They didn't flaunt their connection and they vigorously defended against those looking to tap in as well.

We can argue, ad nauseum, when it all went to shit. Pointless, wasted effort, but often good for a few yucks. Plato studied it. Thoureau mused on it. You could stock a prodigious library with just the pros and cons of hitchhiking, middle-manning, facilitating, free-loading or life-blood sucking leeching. We've failed to keep it from swamping the lifeboat we're all, to lesser/greater degree, reliant upon for our continuation.


Isis said...

I just finished reading Good to Great by Jim Collins. It's too bad some people in the district can't pick up a copy of the book and maybe learn something. I know I will be applying some principles from it when we start back in august

Isis said...

What has to happen for people to stop bitching and start working? I'm not picking on a specific person because I see it many times for different situations. But in order for change to occur, there needs to be people who WANT change, and will WORK for change, AS LONG AS IT TAKES. I haven't seen that around here since I moved up here (10 years ago).

Rehctaw said...

People are working Isis. Every day. Doing their jobs. They come home, turn on the news and watch some alternate reality play out. Not of their making, not of their choosing.

They're told that it's all somehow connected to their lives, that this is what life means, but they can't reconcile the discordance between what's streaming at them with that which they called for, asked for, begged and pleaded for.

They want to waltz, but instead the DJ is spinning the Hustle.
They want to build a future, but instead...

Tick off the list of common assets that have been marked down and liquidated by the very people who promised to protect and preserve them.

Then ask again when to expect them to willingly participate in that process.