Tuesday, July 1, 2008

2-4 Crook County

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That's just the shit that gets reported.

Here, in Sac, CA, NOTHING gets reported, yet we likely have more and WORSE, from bull like sherrif's deputies who RAIL and WAIL on minorities, and we have Kevin Johnson, noted NBA star, running for mayor as his St. Hope org is investigated for slumlord issues, tax evasions, code violations, and much, much more.

We got anything on Cook County, ya think? *G*

Remember, NOTHING gets reported here . . . but on the streets, you drive around a bit, you begin to wonder after 20 years here and putting together the developers who are FILTHY rich (there's about 3 of them) and you look at City Council and County Supe Elections, and you follow the LAWS they pass, and you look at city services, and and read about county jail issues, and after a while, it all adds up to pure shit.

I'm in a gated apartment complex, NOT condo's.
Two blocks away we got crack housing and they and the local high school truants drift thru here, regularly, gates or not.

Two blocks away, there's 2 acre parcels with huge white mansions . . . but they have NO property issues, no damages . . . none.

And we are ALL out of the City, it's all unincorporated turf where we are at.

Funny, the rich mansions never SEE a tagger, but the place I live in has walk by's despited the gates, lookin for loose stuff on my patio . . . .

I'm guessin, Hoss, it's like this EVERYWHERE anymore.

N maybe, it always was, ya think? ;-)