Monday, June 9, 2008

Personal 2-4-2sDay

For Hal, Trice and Kimmy in Kalamazoo
For Steve Thompson, Dave Gage, Howard Wray and Tommy Jaynes wherever you are
In Memory of Phil "Motor Boogie" Whitlock

Folks this was the original Diamond T Band. c. 1979 at the Second Chance in Peoria, Illinois. The pictures are pure fill. The only pictures I have of the band are slides, somewhere in the house. They played the bar circuit in Illinois, Wisconsin, Iowa, Michigan, Indiana for about 5 years. I spent some time with them driving the truck, load-in, load out and partying.

Any feedback heard is the result of yours truly manning the soundboard.

Bad Boy is a Steve Thompson original. Last I heard, Steve's still gigging. His last known band was the Pickled Beats.

Phil's story on "Before You Give it All Away" was that it was a medicine show song
by hobo buskerPeg Leg Sam who played two harps at once.

There was once a 45rpm of Bad Boy and Jukin' at the Roadside around here too. Maybe it'll surface again one day...

Good Days.

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Anonymous said...

Hoss, yer boyz and tribe are good.

I miss all that blues harp shit in live clubs. Used to find it in SF and all around the Peninsula in San Mateo, ever where I lived '64 to 84. From grade school, to 31.

Charlie Musselwhite w/ fucking Barry Goldberg and Harvey Mandel on git in a Palo Alto Keystone Club. Wow. I was 15 at the time . . . saw it live. Christo Redemteur or however you wanna spell it, it was STAND BACK by Musselwhite.

By my mid teens, it was '68. I was ALL over the Bay Area catching hot music. From San Jose to Berkeley, to SF and Oakland. Lydia Pense N Cold Blood, Tower Of Power, Doobie Brothers, The Dead, The Airplane,
CJoe And The Fish, Elvin Bishop Band (post Butterfield), a Butterfield show with Elvin and Bloomfield bands playing.

Paul had Amos Garrett and Geoff Muldaur for Better Days and horns . . . . . Bloomfield dropped out early, but late jam had Butterfield, Elvin, and some staragglers coming in to Fillmore to help out. Mellow Down Easy had SF's finest backing Paul and Elvin. Boz Scaggs. Jerry The Fat Man, and many others, they jammed that song like Alman Bros did The Mountain, for half an hour or more to close.

Commander Cody and always, ALWAYS, John Lee Hooker at Berkeley Keystone on the same bill. This went on thru '75.

Cow Palace, I saw The Beatle's TWICE! *G* Yes, they played there TWICE, before ending it all at Candlestick in '69, which I DIDN'T see. But I saw them TWICE, BITCHEZ~~~ *G*

Circle Star Theater, San Carlos, with Linda Rondstat, The Stoned Pony's and with Sam And Dave.

Once with Janis and Big Brother, with Chad And Jeremy and Brenton Wood to open, at the Circle Star.

But yer Boyz Are Good! *G* Thanks for sharing that.

In '77 I met this cat who responded to an ad at a junior college bulletin board I had up for a roommate.

He was from the Bronx. He left at 18, did two years in Portland, OR, as a truck driver. Rode motorcycles, drove sports cars, all on the cheap. Had a '67 Norton 650, YEAH A CHEAPO 650. It was SWEET!!!

Had two Datsun Roadsters, 1100's, one the inline 4 carb, the other a parts car. Tools galore. A wrench.

And in a month, he knew more about the SF Scene at the time than I did.

I'd forgotten it all by '76. Stopped going to the ballrooms. No more Winterland, Carosuel Ballroom, no more Fillmore, no more Avalon Ballroom, no more LongShoreman's Hall.

But I FASTLY learnt about the hip scene.

And we went to Great American Music Hall (where I was STILL seeing bluegrass and Grisman shows) and saw Jim Carroll Band.

THAT stopped me in my tracks and I bought Basketball Dairies.

All The People Who Died.

They died.

And they keep dying, too.

But the music flows on. And it's our job to live.