Saturday, June 21, 2008

With Apologies

Every so often I have to remind myself that this isn't my place, my time, my planet.

That ever happen to you?

I mean, I can screw up with the best of `em. Forget to take out the garbage, leave the sprinklers on too long, not turn them on, turn right on red when the sign clearly says no turn on red, jaywalk, lose: my keys, my reading glasses, cellphone, the remote control, track of time, a train of thought... where was I?

Oh yeah, screwing up. But on my worst day evah, I never knowingly hurt anyone. Never willfully took something that didn't belong to me. Never gave away something that wasn't mine to give and with the exception of my own progeny and those who solicit my opinion, never told ANYBODY else how they should live their own lives.

That may sound strange coming from someone with a blog. In fact it does read strange now that I've typed it out. Still, I don't think I've violated my own personal charter. Perhaps if I had had ANY success in changing things more to my liking, I'd be more authoritative?

Instead I remind myself, with words I writ in 1972 when I was but a tortured teen...

You say you're unhappy?
You blame it on me?
I can't make you happy
you don't listen to me.

Ahhh, now I can go back to my practical anarchy. At least until they come for me...

Same as it ever was.

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