Tuesday, June 24, 2008

2-4 2sday Homegrown Edition

Chicago's Music legends and minor luminaries Vol. 1

Duke Tomatoe:

Corky Siegal:


Anonymous said...

Dude's Nudist Baby is young enuff to be his daughter, or grand daughter!! Creepy images!

Corky Siegal . . . Siegal/Schwall.

They were hosses in the late 60's and 70's!!
Saw them MORE than a few times at Palo Alto and Berkeley Keystone Corner's! Corky's still got it!!

Rehctaw said...

Ya gotta know the Duke to understand.
Throughout the 70s it was Duke Tomatoe and the All-Star Frogs playing the dive bar/college circuit in the midwest in a rotation that included Cheap Trick, Styx, Dirty Dan Buck and the Boyzz from Illinois, Heartsfield, Pearl Handle Band, Diamond T, Jump in the Saddle Band.

Nothing but a party!

Duke was always the class. A legend in his own mind a rumor in his own time.

Revamped and boogie-ing, came Duke Tomatoe and the Power Trio.

His brush with fame came w/ Sam Kinnison who took Duke's "I wanna tie you up" national.

Corky Seigal! A Chicago treasure. Still kickin' it out.
My Siegal Schwall anecdotes involve the Kinetic Underground (cum Playground)and the Aragon Ballroom.

But the universe is circular. FF fifteen years and Diamond T is playing Catfish Days in Wilmington.
A guy approached the sound board and asked if the band liked "jamming". I asked politely if he could play. He said "no, not me! Jim Schwall from Siegal/Schwall."

I got all excited and arranged things. The guy walked over and PEELED Jim Schwall off a barstool.
Walked him to the stage, plugged him in, hung the guitar around his neck, lit a cigarette and stuck it in his mouth. That must have been the ON switch. For the next twenty minutes Schwall wailed. Ripped the place to shreds.

That night our lead player quit. Wanted to BURN his guitar. Fuckin' unconscious, he got owned.