Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Two Fers

Eventually the tubes will have good versions of every song. At least the ones
I want to use...

If it seems like I'm limited in my "tastes" that's only because I haven't mastered
making my own videos. As a warning? I'll be taking the crash course shortly. It's still all about the lyrics. The story. The telling of the story. So being able to hear and understand the words is important.


larue said...

Damn, John Prine w/ Nancy Griffith!!!

My FIRST fest in many decades (it's a camp out fest of roud days) found me and mine sitting next to this smiling and cherubic lovely brighteyed woman in a big white tent with a 3 level chandilier one night at 1AM after the main stage music was done at midnight.

In the center of the tent was a WONDERFUL musician who used to pick pedal steel with New Riders Of The Purple Sage.

He has his double barrelled egg slicer, and was picking the Beatle's Strawberry Fields Forever.

Fest is the Strawberry Festival.


Any hoots, it's our FIRST time there, it's 1am.

We enjoy what we're hearing, get up to leave, and the nice woman says 'wasn't that LOVELY'! And smiles all get out at us, and we are yeah, yeah, that was kewl!

Two days later, as Nancy Griffith closed the fest on main stage Sunday night at midnight with her Blue Moon Orchestra, I realized who we were sittin next to in that tent!!!

Rookies, indeed. And I KNEW Nancy's music, too.
But I had NO idea what she looked like in person.
N there she was, one of us, in the groove.


Hell of a two fer, hoss.

larue said...

Geebus, FOUR days, not roud days.

And this was Fall, '01.


Rehctaw said...

Oh larue,
Such a tool.

That Grajiate I scribbled about will be out your way come August. Took a two-year gig in the East Foothills.

Despite years of fighting the genetic tug, she's come to alt.folk.bluegrass et al on her own terms.

As a newbie in your neck of the necks, I'd really like to get her to your fest. (and safely back to her good deeds)

It's spring and fall right? I'm not sure she'll be settled enough this fall, but by spring...?

Shoot me an email please.